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LIVAMP Funding: Frequently Asked Questions

Artist Funding: Frequently Asked Questions

What am I actually investing in? What would I own?

Depending on the opportunity, you can invest in a particular copyright or rights to a revenue stream (e.g. live concerts).

All recorded songs have two copyrights. Each gives the owner (or partial owner) a claim to specific revenue sources. As part of all deals on the LIVAMP Funding platform, artists and investors can determine which copyright is up for grabs or whether to combine the two:

  1. Master rights: copyright in a specific recording. Typically monetized through sale/streaming of individual songs and albums

  2. Publishing rights: copyright in the underlying composition of melody and/or lyrics. Typically monetized from royalties on the sale of recordings that include the composition, when others license the composition for use in other recordings, film/TV, as well as public performances.

For artists that are managed or signed to a record label, we offer the ability to invest in revenue rights on live concerts, merchandising, and brand sponsorships.

How are the deal terms set?

All deals are mutually agreed between artists and investors. Artists propose initial terms when they post their project and investors can counter-propose terms when they make a bid. If there is more than one investor (usually!), LIVAMP will help bridge any gaps in terms between all parties. Artists set their opening terms on the basis of 4 simple variables:

  • How much funding is required?
  • Which rights are being offered?
  • What % of those rights is being offered to investors?
  • For how long?

What qualifications do I have to meet?

Other than a love for music, we will ask investors to represent, via a signed contract, that:

  1. He/she is capable of evaluating the risks and merits of an investment
  2. He/she fits the definition of an accredited investor
  3. He/she is financially able to bear the risk of an investment, including total loss

What are the expected returns?

There is no guaranteed rate of return and investors should be prepared to lose their capital.

For information and examples on how artists’ careers can potentially develop into successful commercial enterprises, please review our Primer.

Our platform is open to artists in various stages of development. Some are generating meaningful revenue while others are at the beginning of their journey. We encourage all artists to build and present a plan for commercial success while all potential investors are encouraged to do their homework, ask questions, request more information, and diversify.

How do I pick an artist to back?

Start with the music, of course, but make sure to also review artists’ commercial milestones and traction. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • Existing revenue from music sales, concerts, licensing or endorsements
  • Social media following and engagement
  • Experience performing at prestigious venues and festivals
  • Interest from press, labels, brands, and other influencers
  • Collaboration with other commercially successful artists and producers
  • Well defined “brand” and strategy

We’d be happy to help you think through this further. Just reach out

Can I build a portfolio?

Absolutely! We encourage a diversified approach to investing in artists. Build a watch list of artists by clicking Follow on any deal page and tracking them in your Investor Dashboard. Once deals are agreed and you invest, all of your investments and updates will appear here as well.

How do I collect potential revenues after investing?

LIVAMP will take care of the necessary registrations with collection services on behalf of the investment vehicle in which you’d be a shareholder. Proceeds from royalties or other income will then be distributed to you on a quarterly basis.

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