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Artist Funding - LIVAMP

Funding for Growth

We provide simple financing solutions
to help artists and rights holders
expand budgets and scale

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You are:

  • An artist with meaningful following or revenue
  • A manager, label, or other rights holder
  • A creator on YouTube, etc monetizing your content

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your funding need and set initial terms


supporting information to the LIVAMP team


offers, refine terms and finalize deal

Our Toolkit

LIVAMP helps:

  • Package your work as an investment opportunity
  • Set terms and engage with potential investors
  • Manage legal docs and setup revenue collection

"LIVAMP takes out the complexity"

London recording artist

Raise funds for recording, video production, promotion, touring

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+ Case Studies


Boosting the Record Deal

Award-winning Welsh rockers and their label wanted to give their latest record release an extra push

The band used LIVAMP to find investment to increase the PR and promotion budget

Investors are already enjoying a stream of royalties


Hometown Heroes Going National

El Paso, TX favorites FOXY MOJO had the loyal fanbase and work ethic necessary for the next step of their career

LIVAMP helped the band find an investor to back their vision

Investor will collect a diverse range of royalties and concert revenue

Ruby Blu*

Hittin' the Studio

East London-based singer Ruby Blu* teamed up with a GRAMMY-winnning producer for his next project

LIVAMP helped Ruby secure funding for production and session musicians

Investors became co-owners of the impending album